The Artwork of Mysticalpha

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you take commissions? Yes, go to the commissions page for more information.
  • Do you take art trades? No.
  • Do you take requests? No.
  • Do you take non-paying work? No.
  • Do you take [platform specific] points/currency? No.
  • Do you take crytocurrency? No.
  • Do you take exposure? No.
  • Why? No time and it doesn't pay the bills.
  • Is all your work on this site? Most of it once I'm done adding it all.
  • When will that be? Approximately from the distant future to never.
  • Where's the stuff that's not on here? Sometimes I feel a picture doesn't reflect what I had in mind or there are issues with it which I have not gotten around to/able to correct. There are a few pictures which I feel would probably be taken out of context which a significant number of people would object to. If I feel a picture falls into these pitfalls, it will not get posted.
  • How come I see this there but not here? Some pictures go somewhere and other pictures go somewhere else. For example, I do not post more mature content on deviantArt and I only post furries on furaffinity. Some pictures you see on Patreon do not make it to other platforms for the reason noted in the previous answer. Another reason is that you haven't found the site content filters. It's not hard to find.
  • Where's the mature content? Mature content is something I do not want to show right off the bat, especially to first time visitors. It may be hard to believe to some people, but there are others who prefer not to see it. If you are not one of those people and want to see mature content, you'll have to turn it on at the content filter page. It's not hard to find.
  • Oh, you have exclusive stuff on Patreon? The main goal of Patreon is to offer early access to new artwork as a reward for financial support. If I spend my limited time and effort on a picture, I want to post it and share it. It's not in my best interest to offer exclusive content on Patreon. The number of patrons is a tiny fraction compared to followers on other platforms and if I lock it behind Patreon, that content might as well not exist at all. There are a few pictures that do not make it out of Patreon. One of the reasons is 2 answers above. The other reason is that some pictures have alternate versions, mostly a different size version such as resolution, screen ratio which is redundant if I upload all the versions if they're not going to be popular such as 16:9 vs 16:10 ratio.
  • Where are the 16:10 pictures? I switched to 16:9 ratio a while back and never went back to 16:10. I still save a 16:10 version when applicable. I feel it's redundant to upload several size versions of the same picture. It's more time and effort to make the extra entries in the database when the pictures start adding up.
  • PNG? I prefer not to post in PNG format because there are some malicious entities out there who want to misuse artists' work for their own gain such as dodgy Chinese companies that slap anything they find on google to their crappy products. If I can make my pictures less favorable to misuse, the better.
  • Can I use your art in something? You must ask me for permission and inform me what you want to do with it. If I allow it, you must give me clear credit for it and it must be for personal use. When I say clear, I do not mean modifying the picture until my name is unreadable or conveniently gone.
  • How come you don't update on [platform]? Either it takes a lot of time which I don't have, the platform changed its policy which makes it less useful to me and my content (tumblr), or I just do not have the content to post on there.
  • Do you stream anywhere? I rarely stream on Picarto but I'm not in the position to do so at the current time due to Internet limitations.
  • What happened to your youtube videos? Youtube has been unfavorable to content creators in the last few years. It has not been favorable to me in terms of views, growth and monetization. Due to youtube complying to FTC's COPPA enforcement, content creators are liable if their content does not comply and can incur a large fine for each violation. I would have happily left my videos alone to collect dust if not for this liability. Unfortunately, I had to make the (quite easy) decision to delete my channels.
  • Do you use a tablet? I use a 10 year old Wacom Cintiq and a Huion Kamvas Tablet.
  • How did you learn to draw? I started to draw when I was a kid and never stopped.
  • How old are you? Old enough.
  • Where do you live? The states.
  • What part of the furry body do you like? Paws? Tail? This interview is over.
  • Who's your favorite pony? *Walks away*
  • Do you do interviews? *Dead air*