The Artwork of Mysticalpha

Privacy Policy

Here's what's collected by visiting this website:

  • IP (Internet Protocol) address: to group the correct log entries to the visitor per session.
  • Browser user agent: the information sent via http protocol that contains browser software, operating system, language, hostname and smaller bits of application information if available. This is used to diagnose website issues specific to a certain web browser if issues can be tied to the logs.
  • Referrer: the URL a visitor came from via a link. This is used to route the path a visitor takes to diagnose website issues and to improve website usability and optimization.

Here's what Google Analytics collect by visiting this website:

Same thing as above (as far as I know) but they do it better. This is used to generate reports and tailored collection of data from user interaction and website traffic. It is used to inform me what's working and not working, what gets a lot of traffic and what doesn't in terms of content. It helps me make decisions in an effort to improve the website for better interaction, usability, content and experience.

Here are the cookies this website attempts to set:

  • Session cookies: These are used to improve website usability and experience. They are used to remember the gallery order either by default or set by the visitor, and used to remember the content filter either by default or set by the visitor. Since these are session cookies, only an identifying ID in the cookie is stored on your computer which allows the server to match the ID to the session information on the server. They are usually removed from your computer when the browser is closed.
  • Cookie cookies: These are the typical browser cookies you hear about the most. These are usually stored on your computer for a set amount of time even after you close the browser. The cookies this website attempts to set is used to remember the content filter setting if you choose to change it. It usually last 30 days.
  • Google cookies: These are used to track visitors for Analytics. They usually last months to a year or two. I believe it lasts this long to track returning visitors to the website.

Contact Form:

  • The information you submit using the contact form is not logged. When you submit the form, the information is sent to the email server and makes its way to my inbox.

Can I block/prevent all this?

Yes, you can. You can use a VPN, you can use an extension or plugin to change your browser user agent, you can set your browser to not allow cookies to be set, you can choose not to enter and submit information you do not want to disclose when using the contact form.

What can happen if I do?

Certain things will not work correctly if you block cookies. Gallery order may not work, the content filter will reset everytime you load a page. Other than that, inaccurate information mentioned on the left or above will be logged or none at all.