The Artwork of Mysticalpha

Your Support

Money not required

There are a few ways you can do to show your support for what I do that does not require you to open up your wallet and attempt to shove a few bills into your dusty aging optical drive tray.

  • Follow me on platforms I'm on (Sites & Links).
  • Like the content on social media.
  • Add to your favorites folder or list.
  • Retweet or reblog the content.
  • Share with your friends and fellow Internet citizens.
  • Feature the content in your own work (Ask first).


If you decide that my content is worth your money, you can support me on Patreon. Every month, I devote myself to creating a few new artwork pieces. Anyone who becomes a patron in the relevant tiers, will get to see it before anyone else in high resolution. Any alternate versions to the artwork will also be seen early by patrons and some times, these do not even get posted outside of Patreon.

Of course, Patreon isn't about the rewards you get when you pledge to your favorite artist. It is about supporting them financially for what they do so they can continue to create the content that you enjoy. Your pledge is greatly appreciated. At the very least, you can follow the public feed to see the past content which you can hit the like button when it shows up.

Art Packs of certain characters or themes can currently be bought at There are no subscriptions required to purchase. The packs are comprised of collections of artwork that dates back to the very beginning of the related theme or character. They are also in PNG format and can include extra alternate versions.


Progress, work in progress, timelapses and alternate versions of artwork can be found on DeviantArt for a very affordable subscription. Each month, I post progress images such as sketches, line work and flat colored images. There are also alternate versions and timelapse videos of the finished pieces.